Adrien T – 23 – Film Maker

Hello everyone!

I am happy to be here!

My name is Adrien and I’m a Filmmaker.

After my film studies I started my own business in 2020 and I specialize in corporate videos (to feed them with video content on social networks and websites).

I’ve been Jean Marie for 2 years, I discovered it through the Youtubeur “TnDna” videos.

I joined DBL following the advice of a friend of mine, already established in Bulgaria @Albator.

I think that being part of this community will allow me to work with the members of DBL by making them high quality product videos.

It has been mentioned not to do self-promotion, so if I have the approval of the staff, I will give you more information in the comments or in another dedicated section.

My short term goal is to continue to develop my skills and expand my network in France.

My long term goal is to generate enough income to be able to expatriate and live from my work abroad and also to register to the Satoshi channel to invest my money.

See you soon!


Welcome Adrien !

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Cool, welcome @Adrien.T_G4

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Thank you!

Do you think I can talk here about the services I can offer to “DBL” members? @Chick_Norris

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Welcome dude ! I did a bit of filmmaking for some societies while i was a student. It is passionating !

Do you want to go to Bulgaria tho ?

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It depends on what you have to “offer” my friend

Send an email to Silvio, with the detail of your services. He will check that


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Thanks !

I will contact him.

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Thanks ! Yeah ! I love doing that.

Yes I want to go Bulgaria tho. In march/ April, I’m gonna pass 2 weeks with my friends for visit the country and find opportunity for me.

You live in Bulgaria ?

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I go there soon, normally by the end of march !


Welcome, nice to meet you.

I am a video editor/motion designer/cameraman, glad to exchange with you about film making :slight_smile:


Hi! Nice to meet you too!

I will send you a private message. See you there.