Adrien - 23yo - Digital Marketer

Hello to all DBL members!

My name is Adrien, I’m 23 years old and I’m currently living in Bordeaux, France. I did dropshipping on Facebook ads for 1 and a half years before everything fell apart, my business partner dropped me and the accountant sodomized me.

I am currently rebuilding my business, I created a digital marketing agency ‘‘AOS Media’’ and I also have a MLM business (something serious not a ponzi) I will talk about the opportunity in a future topic for those interested.

I live alone, I don’t have a wife, I arrived in DBL because I want to escape France as soon as possible to be free and safe like most of us, I think, but also to have access to real women.

My goals are to develop my digital marketing agency to be able to resell it for several millions in a few years, I invest a little bit of money in crypto as well and I want to invest massively in real estate as soon as I can, I also want to develop my MLM business, because it allows me to build a huge network and there are many other advantages that allow absolute freedom and very stable income.

See you soon!