Abundance Niche - Up to 10 % Conversion on YouTube Ads - Atlantis' Secret Treasure

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Hi guys, let dig into it shall we ?

I want to offer you the opportunity to make money together with my best-seller sells letter : ‘Le Trésor Caché d’Atlantide’

It’s a B2P offer, on the “Abundance” niche.

It converted up to 10 % on YouTube Ads on the “Tradition Païenne - Ésotérisme” category… until I was definitely banned from using the service for no reason :sweat_smile: (you know how it goes…)

Concerning the offer :

It consists of 3 Mp3 to manifest abundance, love and prosperity into his life.

  • The primary offer is available for 37 €, or 18,50 € if he hesitates during payment.

  • 1 Bump is available for 17 €, it’s a lithotherapy manual to purge your bad energies.

  • 2 Upsells are also available : the first one is 67 €, to help improve the effects of the primary offer.

  • The Second one is a 27 € / month subscription to an original horoscope.

I give you 60 % on the primary offer and the bump, and 40 % on both upsells.

Payments are made every 30 days (I’ll personally contact you to get your payment information)

I need affiliates who already have an email list on the subject (i’ll provide you pre-writted emails if needed), and if possible media buyers (as i’m also ban from facebook ads, i’ll provide you with creatives if needed).

A bridge page is also available.

Here’s the link to the systeme io marketplace offer, where you’ll find your affiliates link, the bridge page, and the pre-writted emails link : https://systeme.io/marketplace/3861/show

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any question : contact@profit-immediat.com