A DBL Girl in Montenegro

Hi guys !

I have been in Montenegro with my business partner for 6 weeks now. And frankly, we feel good.

I stayed one month in the mountain above Budva, rather isolated but great moments with our host, a 78 years old cool grandpa who makes his own wine (a delight!), his raki (a delight!) and his ham (a delight!) lol. As we don’t have a car: we take advantage less of what there is to visit because the buses are not well organized (but of blow: we work even more).

They drive fast here, it is really necessary to pull over when we walk on the side of the road. Small anecdote: we already had to return from Budva in cab because the planned bus did not come. But it is Mediterranean atmosphere, one likes or one does not like. For my part, I like this country and especially, its inhabitants. I find them simple and warm. They seem to live more united with their families than in France. The children enter school late: 6 years old. They are in family until at least this age, which I think is a good thing for them.

There we are in Kotor since 10 days, the sight is to fall because we are in 2 km of the city center. Our hosts are a couple with 3 children and the grandmother who helps. We discover the Turkish coffee, it is really delicious!

For our third month before having to leave the country at least 1 day, we still think: to stay here or to go in another accommodation.

We are going to travel in the Balkans but I am very willing to make my business here. What will allow me also not to have to go out every 3 months (and to make this damn test!)

Good business!

Picture of Budva in August : IMG_7184|690x386