( 70% commission ) - La Formule Dressage Intelligent ( 1TPE )

Hello to all my brothers!

Here is a very lucrative product that I offer you in affiliation, which can potentially make a LOT of money:

( Why LOTS of money? Because it is a mimetic profit based on a site that runs at 100 00€ per day, and also because Tugan examined my page and validated it. So don’t worry! )

Detailled Presentation

Here is the sales page: Formule Éducation Éveillée

“Intelligent Training Formula” ( La Formule Dressage Intelligent in french ) is a dog training course, which helps dog owners to suppress their dog’s bad behavior with scientific exercises and methods.

The price is 47€. Without Upsell.

4 Bonuses are included in the order and part of the profits are donated to an association.

The product is in the form of PDF documents grouped in a Google Drive space, accessible on the thank you page.

It is OBVIOUSLY aimed at dog owners, although the target is rather a female public of more than 25 years old.

The deal of my affiliation program (%)

To sell this product, you will need an account on the affiliation platform 1TPE (here is the link here).

On each sale, you will receive 70% commission (32,80 €).

It’s on the 1TPE platform that you get your earnings back automatically!

The type of affiliates i need

I’m not looking for a particular type of affiliate, except for people who can obviously reach a hot audience for this theme!

The affiliation program link

To get an affiliate link, you will need to create an account at 1TPE and go to the “New Products” category, then click on the product icon.

You will then have access to different affiliate links, like this one :

Contact / Problems

To contact me, you can do so via this email: arthur@monmeilleurami.org.

IMPORTANT : The product was put on the site this afternoon. It is therefore normal if it is not immediately referenced in the catalog at the time I post this message. If you don’t see it, wait a few hours or a few days.

Make money with Love !


hey nice graphic , we can see your artistic touch here.

also that’s really a relief to see this level of production on 1TPE. I didn’t find anything valuable on this site before. thank you Camil.




The affiliate offer is still available, but I have made some changes to the product and the page:

1/ The product has a new name: Le Pack Éducation Éveillée ( The Awakened Education Pack in ENG ) (it’s more selling)

2/ The sales page had some small aesthetic changes ( but nothing to the copywriting that was seen by Tugan )


Hi Camil,
I am currently reading your selling page, nice work!

Here you are a little mistake (you switched the title of the bonus 4 with the bonus 2) :

Have a productive day!


Oh fuck … I don’t know how I missed it … It’s Update now ! Thanks a lot bro !


I remember the RX when Tugan talked about this product. Nice job !


Could you tell me which RX it is and if so when? I would be curious to see it ahah


yeah, I think it was either “Le Protocole” or “Lancer un business avec 100 eur en poche”. He gives the example of the annoying barking dog as a pain point.


A new structure, new mockups, and even easier to make affiliation !

This time, the pack is 67€, but still 70% for you, which means 46.90€ in your pocket for each sale ! ( For the septics, the product is not especially B2P and is even, I think, of quite good quality! )

The Sales Pages V2 : Le Pack Éducation Éveillée

The Landing Page: (3) Bienvenue !

The link to the Marketplace: 🐶 LE PACK ÉDUCATION ÉVEILLÉE / 70% DE COMMISSION ( 46.90 € ) / ÉDUCATION CANINE 🐶

Good sales to all!