[60% commission] Affiliate programs for WordPress and Woocommerce training


I propose you to sell in affiliation training on WordPress (in french) sold 197€.

The first 5 subscribers will get 60% commission, for the others it will be 50%.

Presentation of the trainings

#1 The Traffic Booster : a complete training to learn SEO and apply it to WordPress.

This training targets people with a WordPress site who want to acquire traffic for free.

Sales Page : Le Boosteur de Trafic - EasyWordpress

Checkout : https://easywordpress.fr/checkout-boosteur-de-trafic/?add-to-cart=411

#2 Woocommerce Marketing : this training explains all the marketing levers to apply to increase the conversion rate on an online store.

I target people who have a Woocommerce store (WordPress plugin allowing to do e-commerce) and who want to make their sales take off.

Sales page : https://easywordpress.fr/woocommerce-marketing/

Checkout : https://easywordpress.fr/checkout-woocommerce-marketing/?add-to-cart=1005

Unfortunately, I’ve only just launched the trainings, so I don’t have any statistics to give you yet. But I will update the post as soon as I have enough data.

Affiliate Program Overview

You can sign up for free in just a few clicks by clicking right here : easywordpress.goaffpro.com

Then you will have a unique affiliate link that tracks your sales.

You can redirect your audience to the sales page. Or, you can create your own sales page and redirect directly to my checkout.

Cookie duration : 60 days. If someone clicks on your link and buys 1 or 2 months later, you still get your commission.

Commission : 60% (118€ per sale) for the first 5 subscribers then 50% (98€ per sale).

Payment term : 30 days.

How I pay your commission : Paypal or bank transfer

Contact me

Nickname of the forum : Enzo_G4

E-mail : egl84@hotmail.fr