🇨🇿 €20k Villa + Swimming Pool

  • EUR / CZK


  • €19K

  • €20K

  • €20K

Apologize for clickbait title. :yum: No, Santa Claus still does not live in Czechia.

Deep salute to everyone.

I want to show, what is possible to consider, in Czech real estate. It is not easy, but doable. The idea would be a Czech DBL Clubhouse sort of.

:question: WHY Plzeňský kraj (& Karlovarský kraj) is a strategical option ?

:exclamation: PLZEŇ (Pilsen, original Pils beer conservation process) :

  • strategical hub on German industrial freight supply chain
  • 175 219 inhabitants in 2021
  • richest Czech region after Praha
  • close to German & Austrian borders
  • 2h from Nuremberg/DE, 2h30 from Chemnitz/DE
  • 3h15 from Linz/AT
  • draining € from Germany & Austria
  • many Czech cross-border workers, geting € wages
  • German & Austrian tourists & secondary house owners
  • German & Austrian companies, subcontractors & workshops
  • huge recipient of highways network EU subsidies program
  • 6h30 from Lorraine
  • 4h30 from Alsace
  • 1h15 from Praha
  • huge vietnamese & czech cross-border shops: alcohol, gasoline, tobacco, …
  • Rozvadov King’s Casino & Resort, draining players from all Europe
  • natural parks, truck-camping parks, ski resorts, thermal baths, castles, …
  • wide market of hotels, penzions, flats , holiday family homes

:hammer_and_wrench: REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CREW :

  • 5 broz , 5 bedrooms
  • €10K
  • 5 x €10K = house price + renovation budget + fees = €50K
  • dedication & involvement in the project
  • time disponibility
  • trustworthyness
  • broz of Czech DBL section
  • broz of French Grand-Est region, Lorraine, Alsace
  • broz of Germany, is there any ?
  • handymen
  • technical basic knowledge in buildings: electricity, cementery, roofing
  • real estate renovation experience
  • physical meetings to build the trust, reach mutual agreements, organize the crew, plan & share the tasks
  • easiest renovations could be done by ourselves
  • we would manage/guide, Czech workers on site
  • one bro would have to be on site during the works


  • The Penzion standard is each room with own toilet & shower.
  • It’s a bit more of renovation work & technical burden.
  • New underground pipes should be diged & connected.
  • But each chamber can have its own water-meter for co-owning fees sharing.
  • Still have to mind the electrical bill sharing.

:eye: FUTURE :

  • Chambers can be rented €20 to €30 by night, on Booking or Airbnb.
  • DBL brothers could be hosted for visiting the country.
  • Doors shall be locked by code, for privacy, security & rental purposes.
  • Sending code by mail or sms is better than a physical key.
  • Code can be changed remotely by internet.

I have to dig deeper legal aspects of a multi-owners contract in Czech laws.


  • In 2018 , tons of such houses were available.
  • Now, they have nearly all been bought by Czech & German investors.
  • Germans have been afraid by Merkel’s Refugees Welcome 1.5million arrivals.
  • German & Austrian love Czechia for biking, trekking, truck-camping, etc…
  • (recruitment opportunity for DBL in Germany ?)
  • No time to loose, because prices are regularly inflating .

The best Czech real estate website :

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:wave: Hello Laurent, thank you for your topic.

On the other hand, I did not understand the interest of your topic. Is it advice, a job offer, a partnership offer? I’m a bit confused because of the title and the amount of information.

If it’s an offer, please keep Silvio informed :wink:

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Not an offer but an idea to be exposed, shared, discussed, minded, a topic in short.

No problem, Guillaume.

If you think “making money in the back of DBL”, it is really not the purpose.

Could it be considered so? idk, i will ask, i will be told.

I surely imagine that DBL could have a network of such locations, even hotels, templeries kind of.

I firmly believe that it will be profitable, in case of a huge wave of expatriation due to a breaking point, 2023≈2024.

If JM gets 50% in the vision, i go to the moon with him! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rocket: :waxing_crescent_moon:

Re-read please.

Am i mistaking something ?

I love building quality topics adding value to the forum. :yum:

Check my other ones !

Neither i work for DUOLINGO, check this one.

Nor this one is an affiliated funnel to Niko.

I dont work for Roman Valerevich Abalin, Bald & Bankrupt & Louis Rossman, but they get views.

Maybe is it my copywriting mindset, my redactional skills, my python taste for data-analysis & machine learning, or else…

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Can’t join you, but it’s lit! Keep the vibe up!


Hi man, It is fascinating. I want to invest in Real estate in Eastern Europe, but I don’t know where exactly yet. I made some training and courses about investing in Real estate, I am at the point where I need to take the jump. I am currently living in Germany and I know a bit Czech Republic for having done some missions there. What is your aim at the end? Having more investing power to build a real estate empire? Buy a house to live in? What is your business model? Did you run some number on the ROI?



Hi David.

Great questions indeed.


ROI pessimistic estimation would be:

  • €10K invested
  • divided by €20 a night
  • = 500 nights & you get your money back

No dream of Empire for instant.

Every DBL Section could reproduce this scheme.

I still dont have the fiscal numbers about such properties.

  • In the idea, each co-owner would dispose of his chamber at his own will.
  • My personal goal would be to get a registered official adress.
  • I would spend the 183 mandatory days here.

Each time i travel to Czechia i rent such bedrooms in Penzions.

  • So i know quite well this business.
  • Weither on Prague or in Provinces, i always go the €20-30 price range.
  • All i need is a warm place, a bed, a toilet, a wifi connection & a shower.
  • Sometime a waiter gives your key, sometime it’s in a code-box.
  • I prefer Penzions to hotels.
  • Czechs are clean people & the German-Austrian clientele is pretty picky on hygiene.

The business advantage of Penzions VS Hotels is a lower regulation, then less standardized.

  • Usually they are houses transformed for the purpose.
  • There is a wide panel of variation in accomodations.
  • The standard being, each chamber with its own toilet & shower.

In this case, each chamber can have it’s own water-meter, for co-owning purposes.

  • Sometimes “family” double chambers have mutual toilet & shower separating the two bedrooms.
  • Rarely, the shower & toilet are communal for the whole Penzion.
  • Usually, the Booking.com description is 100% accurate.
  • Sometime you have to read between the lines.

Once, in Hungary, my bedroom door had no lock on it!

I wondered if i got in Polasnky’s film, “Le Bal des vampires / The Fearless Vampire Killers”.

I realized how innocent these people are, far from our trustless society.

Other points that differ in each location.

  • private fridge
  • TV
  • private parking & camera surveillance
  • bar
  • mutual kitchen
  • private kitchen
  • mutual fridge
  • washing machine
  • dryer & iron

I hope i answered some of your questioning.

Have a good week end. See you.

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I was asking you the question, because I wanted to know more about how you think about building up the project. Sorry to break it, but the ROI is not 500 nights. You have taxes to pay, on the profits, as an owner of the house. You have also some other costs, so the 20€ are not going straight to your pocket. I am interested in investing in real estate, and this kind of project is more or less what I am looking for. But there are a lot of things to consider when doing so, and to be able to evaluate the value of an investment, we need all those infos.

For example, as owner of the house, you need to pay taxes (let’s say 500€ per year)

You pay 20% of taxes on your profits

If you rent the room per night, it will never be full all year, so let’s say 70% of occupancy

You have some small repairs (let’s say 50€ per month average)

If you are not there, you need someone to clean, give the key, pick up the keys… (another 100€ per month)

In the end, you receive 1635€ per year… So your ROI is closer to 6 years, and it is just making a quick estimation…

If you want people to join you in your project, you would need to check all those points. I am open to discuss it deeper in detail. Just contact me.