🆘 2022 Expatriation Emergency

Big salute to all broz & sistaz.

Let’s put a bit of FOMO in the expatriation game.

Here is my vision of actual & future developments of the french situation.

  • “Pole Emploi” offices are already overwhelmed by newcomers.
  • For now, the government is pretending easing the sanitary pass restrictions.
  • They are still supporting french economy , mainly by delaying businesses taxes payments.

They are just preparing the election term.

Big disclaimer, “le Z” will not be elected.

  • If “Emmanuel 1er” is burned in the polls, they will push Edouard Philippe.
  • They could also use pangolin-19 as an excuse to push for mail voting.
  • As the voting offices are public spaces, might we be able to vote on site without QRcode ?

Anyway, after the second round of the election, we will have our new “Great Reset King”.

:rotating_light: SUNDAY 24 APRIL 2022

Then they will push forward the restrictions.

  • More control of transfers from french banks to crypto.
  • Geographical deplacements within french borders.
  • Social media surveillance.
  • Right of assembly.
  • What kind of other laws they can get out of their magic hat?

Then, there will be a peak for expatriation demands.

  • We might see a huge increase of DBL new members.

France might face :

  • 2€ gasoline liter ?
  • huge tax increase ( 2 739,2 Md€ debt, 1st trimester 2021)
  • rapid economic degradation.
  • monetary inflation, which has already started, will crunch your € cash savings.
  • gallics & frenchies becoming more and more nuts
  • crypto, stocks, precious metals, tangible goods, might become the only safe haven for your cash

:rotating_light: WAKE UP CALL TO:

Brothers in expatriation pack offers :

  • OlivierG2 Bulgaria
  • NikoMontenegro-G2
  • Klemah_CZ_G2 Czechia
  • please spread the word, i still dont know everyone

Brothers who are still sleeping :

  • some are still wondering which expatriation destination would better fit their wishes.
  • you would BETTER just think about getting the other side of the BERLIN WALL.


:rotating_light: PUT YOUR THINGS IN ORDER :

  • crypto evasion plan, banks might not let you cash out.
  • eastern countries are much more crypto friendly than France.
  • worst case, you will be able to cash out with bitcoin ATMs. https://coinatmradar.com/countries/
  • check the validity date of your french passport
  • 2 to 6 weeks delay for a new one
  • if you are near the validity end (less than 5 years), get a new one (10 years validity).
  • you might “have lost the old one”.
  • you might “go on a long sabbatical trip”.
  • get a free PCR test until 15 october, do you know photoshop & MS Paint ?
  • check your health problems, especially teeth.
  • on the long run, you will need a private international health insurance.
  • get lighter, if you want to escape fast, get rid of superficial things.


  • cash out a good amount of € banknotes.
  • i wouldnt take a plane, but it’s your decision.
  • for thoose in france north east quarter, shorter point, Czechia, 7h by car.
  • for thoose in france south east quarter, shorter point, Slovenia, 10h by car.
  • for others, much more kilometers (if they let you cross the “departements”).


  • Until now it has been pretty easy.
  • In 2020, i never saw a cop at German & Czech borders.
  • Noone asked me for PCR or vax QRcode in hotels.
  • I gonna soon cross german, czech & slovakian borders, will give you info after coming back.

If you have any suggest, if i forgot some crucial points, if some parts are not clear, if i made some mistakes, let me know, i will correct.

Famous yiddish proverb: pessimists got to Hollywood, optimists got to Auschwitz.

Bless you all.

:skull: MEMENTO MORI :skull:


This is exactly my vision, when the president is elected, what will come will be just horrible, like a lethal injection for the whole country.



Hi Niko.

Prepare yourself to get many candidates & enough locations to propose.

The right for residency permit, when buying Montenegrin real estate is a great asset for an escape plan.

Btw, i have some ideas for your real estate program, i will clear it out & make you know.

Btw, your youtube channel is great, always straight to the point.

You might also produce an english speaking version of this video, with a big clickbait title & put “residency permit escape plan” in 1st argument, 2nd 9% taxation, 3rd cost of living, 4th way-of-life quality.

Anyway your channel is shadow-banned, i can see in youtube search engine bar.

You could have given a like to my topic. :yum:

Keep up the good work.


Ok great topic !

Your vision seems realistic. I have been in Montenegro for 6 weeks and even if I am going to travel again, to discover other cultures and countries, I intend with my business partner to expatriate to Montenegro.

So brothers and sisters, all of you business guys, it is time to escape from the French Gulag. It is still time. But hurry up !

And I heard about the mandatory vaccination starting in January… even if the Senate did not vote it, beware!

We can escape especially if we work by a virtual way and I know that a lot of French people do not want to leave or cannot.

Escaping is not a solution for everybody but… it is the solution for the freedom obsessed guys that we are!


Have a good week start everyone.

Btw, for thoose who didnt noticed :badger: “The Badger” 's last move.

:heartpulse: :alien: MEMENTO MORI :alien: :heartpulse: