2 wallets on Binance


Does anyone have the experience of managing two different accounts on Binance ? I would like to have 2 accounts open at the same time on my computer. (one for me, one for my son).

Also, there is the issue of the confirmation (of the logging) on the phone …


Hi, use profiles on Google Chrome. This makes it possible to have 2 different sessions on the same pc.

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yes, I would say the same. If you need more detail about how to set it up, let me know, I can help you.

But basically, you can open 2 different Chrome windows like it is 2 different users on the computer. You will need maybe 2 phones and 2 emails addresses in order to set up the 2 different accounts.

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Thank you to both of you, Kapkan and David.

Finally, I think I will rather invest time, to teach my son how to handle it by himself.