1TPE or Affilae for affiliation?


I have a product and I want to share it with the DBL affiliation program. But as it’s my first time doing affiliation, I don’t know the affiliation programs.

Ive done my research, and I hesitate between 1TPE and affilae. Have anyone of you used it? Which one should I use?

Thanks for your help my bros!

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Not the biggest expert here, as I am not a vendor myself, but my opinion regarding these 2 platforms is the following:

  • 1tpe: Only good for cheap info products, but mostly attracts beginners in affiliate marketing and low-quality partners. It’s slowly becoming a no-man’s land, as other platforms are more attractive.
  • Affilae: Pretty standard affiliate platform, mostly used by French tech and e-commerce startups, so I don’t know if that fits your offer

If you sell an info-product, I’d suggest taking a look at the native options from your landing page builder (Système.io, Clickfunnels, Wordpress and its plugins, etc.) or maybe use a dedicated cart software like Thrivecart that also handles affiliates.

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Thanks for your answer. Im gonna try to do my selling page with FrogTech tho. Is it still better to use systeme.io in this case?

Systeme.io is the best

Because you get a funnel contrary to 1TPE

You will get many affiliate on systeme.IO

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